Basketball Training

Basketball club takes place every Wednesday after school. As the girls are all coming from various schools and with various levels of skills we are starting with fundamentals of basketball. We have focused on getting the basics in term one footwork, pivoting, catching and passing the ball. Progressing on to shooting mechanics and form, the layup , free shooting and three point shooting. As the season of regional leagues approached we focused on offensive and defensive plays and man to man defense.

As well as building the skills of the game we are working on building a committed and hardworking team where every member is valued and respected for their contribution. All the girls on the squad commit to training and are given court time to develop fully as a player. Post game the girls are given positive reinforcement and we choose areas of weakness to build on in the next training session. Overall, we have fun learning a new sport and developing our game. Several of our players have never played before and are loving the sport. It is very rewarding to work with the girls and seeing their progress. So far we are doing well in the league, having won our first two games.

Venue: the basketball court

Day: Every Wednesday

Time: 15:50 – 16:45

Teacher: Bláithín Uí Riodal