Performance Practice - Music class
Scolaire na miosa Feabhra
SNaG Awards
Taking Maths Outside
Learning To Give Directions In German Class
1st Year German Celebrates Christmas
Student Enterprise Trade Show
Applied Maths Quiz 2017
Modeschau - Learning About Clothes In German Class
Easter bake Off
Lino Cutting
PMHW: Odd Shoes & Positivity Awards
PMHW: Fuinseog egg drop challenge
PMHW: ICT poster competition
PMHW 1st Year Tai Chi and Mindfulness
Art Club
PMHW: Sand Mandala Meditation
PMHW: Stressed is Desserts spellled backwards! 3rd yrs
PMHW: Dundalk Youth Centre visit
PMHW: Egg drop challenge rang Íur