Students Experience Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Students had a Virtual Reality day on Thursday and Friday of last week. SchooVR very kindly provided us with a selection of VR headsets for the school to try out. The students spent the day exploring Angel Falls, outer space and The Great Barrier Reef. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 




'Caith Amach É' proves to be a big hit with 6th Years

Sixth year students enjoyed an Irish drama workshop ‘Caith Amach É’ on Friday 7th February in the triple room. Caith Amach É is a smash hit comedy based on the Leaving Cert Irish Oral Picture sequences. Students thoroughly enjoyed the drama workshop, and had the opportunity to interact with one another ‘as Gaeilge’. Comhghairdeas to all and go n-éirí libh sna béaltrialacha! Many thanks to Neasa for organising this event. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed it.


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