Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors in Coláiste Chú Chulainn Application Open for 2023

Dear Students,

We are living in a new and changing society. We need a new generation of leaders to step up to the plate internationally, nationally, regionally, locally, and of course in our school.

We are a new school and are excited about leading change. Who better to lead than our young people and students? For this reason, I am inviting all incoming 5th & 6th Year (current 4th/5th) students to step forward to be leaders and join a dynamic team, committed to excellence and success for all.

We want a team that will share decisions and responsibilities. This will be our Student Leadership Team of Ambassadors.

The roles within the Senior Student Leadership Team may include the following Ambassadors and additional roles as the need arises.

Health & Safety, Environmental, Anti-bullying, Extra-Curricular, Sports and Fitness

Cultural Diversity, Academic, Head & Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl

Policy Development, Community Engagement

Our application form can be filled in electronically on this link or the QR code below

It invites you to explain what you are competent and interested in and what you wish to achieve.

Please complete the application before 4pm on Friday 10th March 2023. You may then be invited for interview with senior school staff before the team is appointed.

Since their successful interviews in May last year the student ambassadors have attended the cross-border orchestra on behalf of the school. They met the outgoing 6th year ambassadors to further understand their roles and share ideas for this academic year. They were a great help setting up for the 6th  year graduation ceremony in May and guided guests and helped with refreshments afterwards.

Portia and her team have met regularly at lunch time and assisted at Open Night ensuring guests knew where to go and managed the space quiz for the visiting students. They were also on duty at the school awards ceremony and for the unveiling of the new statue ceremony and the official opening of An Tearmann. They have also assisted at the 3rd Year Parent Teacher evening guiding parents and managing refreshments.

Student Ambassador