Student Council 2023 – 2024

Elections were held at the first form class of the year to nominate a council representative for each class. At the first council meeting the new council members met with last year’s Taoiseach who introduced the role of the council in the school. Applicants were invited to run for Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Rúnaí. The students then had an opportunity to nominate themselves for the Coiste and an election for the role of Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Runaí was held. The newly elected Taoiseach for 2023 is Anthony Ibe (6th Year), The Tánaiste is Jemimah Oladimeji (5th Year), and the Secretary is Bianca Mabona (2nd Year).

Taoiseach Anthony Ibe
Tánaiste Jemimah Oladimeji
Rúnaí Bianca Mabona