Kyle wins Newgrange Art Competition

Artful Success for Coláiste Chú Chulainn in the Newgrange Winter Solstice Art Competition


DSC 0076 SmallEach year thousands of students from across Ireland enter the Newgrange Winter Solstice Art Competition.  This year, there’s a new school on the block, Coláiste Chú Chulainn in the heart of Dundalk.  The students of Coláiste Chú Chulainn wasted no time in leaving their mark on the art world. 

Kyle McQuillan, one of Coláiste Chú Chulainn’s founding first year students, was awarded first place in the Junior Cycle category of the competition and claimed a once-in-a-lifetime prize.  As a reward for his wonderful work of art Kyle was among the lucky few who stood in the central chamber of the Newgrange passage tomb as the sun rose on the morning of the 2014 Winter Solstice. “It is a wonderful achievement for Kyle,” said his art teacher, Gareth Ó Luachráin.  “Not only has he won the chance to see this historic sunrise from inside the mound, his work will be displayed in the Brú na Bóinne visitor centre and will be seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world.  We are extremely proud of him here in Coláiste Chú Chulainn,” Ó Luachráin added.

The founding first years of Coláiste Chú Chulainn are an exceedingly talented bunch.  In addition to Kyle’s first place prize, fellow founding first year student Reece O’Hanlon was named as first runner-up in the Junior Cycle category.  These fantastic achievements are surely a sign of more great things to come from Coláiste Chú Chulainn. 



DSC 0055 Small

Kyle at the entrance of the Newgrange monument having exited after the winter solstice event.

DSC 0067 Small

DSC 0073 Small

Kyle with his Art teacher an tUasal Ó Luachrain at Newgrange.

DSC 0090 Small

DSC 0098 Small

Kyle with his fellow winners at the Newgrange visitors centre.

Inaugural Art Club!

DSC 0894 Small

Inaugural Art Club meets for the first time....

The art club came together today for their first afterschool meeting. The students had the chance to make plaster moulds of their hands using dental alginate (the stuff the dentist uses to make moulds of your teeth!) 

DSC 0961 Small

DSC 0946 Small

DSC 0926 Small

DSC 0897 Small


Opening Day

DSC 0793 Medium

DSC 0733 Medium

DSC 0825 Medium

Meeting the new Recruits!

Meeting the new Recruits!

Students get stuck into their first art project on their first day in Coláiste Chú Chulainn

Comórtas Dearaidh Design Competition


Our Crest Design Competition is now open.


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