Staff Training Day - School closed Tuesday September 19th

A reminder to all students, parents and guardians that the school will be closed next Tuesday, September 19th, to facilitate staff inservice training on the Junior Cycle.


Classes as normal on Wednesday from 8:49am to 1:12pm.


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First year mentor training

First Year Mentors commenced their training on Friday, 28th April, 2017 in the local Youth Centre with Kevin and Ciarán.  
They had a very productive and beneficial workshop. This included some team building activities and brain storming sessions to establish their duties as mentors.  
These mentors will support the incoming first years as part of the college’s Tús Maith programme and their aim is to be a ‘go to’ person for the incoming students should they need help or have questions, especially as they transition into their new school in September. 
The mentors are now waiting patiently and looking forward to meeting the incoming first years on Wednesday, 10th May to introduce themselves and answer any questions they may have.


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